CISSC-2025 is an international event organized by ASCE IS NR, bringing together global experts to explore innovative solutions for building smart and resilient cities. The conference will feature technical sessions, invited talks, workshops, and industry exhibits, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Join us to shape the future of urban development with cutting-edge research and strategies.

CISSC-2025, organized by ASCE IS NR, is a premier international conference focused on innovative solutions for smart and resilient cities. The event includes technical sessions, workshops, and industry exhibits, providing a platform for cutting-edge discussions and advancements in urban development.

Join CISSC-2025 to engage with global experts, share your research, and explore the latest innovations in smart city technologies. Participants will have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and contribute to shaping the future of resilient urban environments.


  • Travel Grants: Enable global participation and networking opportunities.
  • Best Paper/Poster Awards: Recognize excellence in all conference tracks.
  • Publication opportunity in Reputed Journals: Gain credibility through prestigious research publications.
  • Networking with International Experts: Connect and collaborate with leaders in civil engineering.
  • Rigorous Peer-Review Process: Ensure high-quality research presentations and publications.



Elevate your brand’s influence at CISSC-2025, the leading international event dedicated to smart cities and urban resilience. Contact us at cissc2025@gmail.com and gradeffects@gmail.com to explore exclusive sponsorship opportunities and showcase your commitment to shaping the future of urban development.